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Structure your content with schemas. Create relationships and interconnections that mirror your business structure. You can also create custom views to help you manage your everyday custom workflow.


Schemas are smart containers of your data. You can create deep trees for nested categories, or singleton schemas for "Microsite" data and complicated designs.

Input Fields

All the input fields you could possibly need. Block editor, rich editor, textareas, repeated fields, checkboxes, groups. Format your content according to your needs, with or without conditions and validation.


All your files and images in once place, cached and served at high speed. With on-demand image manipulation through the url, advanced search, tagging, and meta-fields like copyright and credits.


Multilingual support out of the box, with a dedicated UI that enables multiple language translation at once.

CDN and Caching

Our content is versioned, cached and delivered through a CDN, to provide optimal performance and successfully support large amounts of traffic.

And a lot more:

Revisions, Audit logs, Subdocuments, Webhooks, Events logs, Powerful HTTP queries, Bulk actions on documents, System Users, Preview API, Optimistic version locking...