We created our dream Headless CMS

Lucent is a content management system on the cloud. Developers and publishers now have a powerful tool to produce and deliver content without the hassle of maintaining a complicated CMS or being stuck on a specific platform.

For Developers


Access your content through a simple and easy to use API. Relationships, pagination and friendly data formats are all provided. Using your data across multiple platforms and devices couldn’t be easier.

Maintenance free

Why worry about hosting, updating and securing a self hosted CMS when you can leave all this to us? Provide your clients with a simple and “fun to use” administration panel and worry only about creating a beautiful website or mobile app.

Modelling content

We want to provide a powerful and fun experience. Creating content can be very complicated, modelling it even more so. We provide the ability to create complicated schemas with a very easy and clean UI.

Languages, relations and images

Create content in as many languages as you wish. Choose which fields are translatable. Create relations between your models. Use tags, manage your images or files and feel the freedom of having your data behind a RESTful service.

For Publishers

Simple Interface

The most important upside of our service is, and will be, the ease of use for content editors. We created a clean, clear and to the point design. You can manage your content without losing your way in endless options and useless info.

Role management

Invite other editors and users and assign them roles. PS supports an hierarchical structure where developers, editors, authors and viewers can work together, using only the features of the app that they really need.


Translate your content in as many languages as you need in a very easy and friendly interface. Most systems manage language and translation very badly, or they don’t do it all. We built our interface with multiple languages in mind. We invite you to feel how natural it is to develop your content on our platform.

Secure, Fast, Fun

We believe that publishers should only worry about publishing, and developers about delivering wonderful websites. Who doesn't like to be a part of a simple and fun development process.